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  • When life knocks me down.... Thumbnail
  • When I said yes I didn't mean the dishes Thumbnail
  • That's a horrible idea Thumbnail
  • Swearing will surely help Thumbnail
  • Sorry I'm late I didn't want to come Thumbnail
  • Sorry did I just roll my eyes Thumbnail
  • Some days I amaze myself Thumbnail
  • She believed she could Thumbnail
  • Please cancel my subscription to your issues Thumbnail
  • Nope still not married Thumbnail
  • Nobody is perfect I am nobody Thumbnail
  • I came I saw I made it Awkward #2 Thumbnail
  • Hold on let me overthink Thumbnail
  • Hide your crazy and act like a lady Thumbnail
  • Everyone was thinking it  Thumbnail
  • Dont let this cute face Thumbnail
  • Dont be such a prick Thumbnail
  • Currently avoiding housework Thumbnail
  • My brain has too many tabs open Thumbnail
  • My boss told me to have a good day Thumbnail
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